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Couples Spa Packages

This treatment will have 2 therapists working side by side to make your day or evening romantic and special.

Romeo And Juliet Spa Romeo And Juliet Spa small image

Romeo And Juliet (Evenings Only)

Indulge yourselves in this romantic aromatherapy couples spa packages from Eliora in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We organize the spa session in candlelight, making it a perfect environment with lovely soothing music to help you and your partner relax and unwind. Finish the couples spa journey with a glass of wine as you reminisce in the velvety night. Couples are served the best wine from our collection of sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, merlot and Moscato. This couples spa package in Cape Town and Johannesburg is for the couples who prefer the evenings to rewind and refresh.

R 1350 for 90 minutes

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Eliora Lovers Eliora Lovers Small Image

Eliora Lovers

This couples spa package in Cape Town and Johannesburg is our signature massage therapy that will make you feel relaxed and rested. After enjoying our Couples spa packages Johannesburg, you can be ready for the next adventure. Availing this one-hour massage of couples spa, will certainly make you feel refreshed and de-stressed.

R 1150 for 60 minutes

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Bonnie N Clyde Bonnie N Clyde Small Image

Bonnie N Clyde

Feeling tired after work pressure and the busyness of life. Nothing can be compared with the Divine 3hour long pampering Couples spa packages Johannesburg with your partner. indulge yourself and your better half with this couples spa package in Cape Town that includes customised facials, manicures, pedicure treatments and Swedish massage sessions. The couples spa packages in Johannesburg help you sooth and pamper your body, hands and feet. The couples are also served with the chilling glass of Champagne after the treatments, making them feel relaxed.

R 2850 for 3 hours

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Party Packages

Eliora Cape Town offers wonderful pamper parties and couples spa packages that suit all occasions. Pamper party or spa party as some call it, is an exciting and healthy way for celebrating special occasions like  birthdays, baby showers, hen parties, engagement parties or if you just want to spend some quality time with friends. In Eliora’s pamper party packages, all spa treatments are made mini so that you can enjoy all the soothing spa services at an attractive price at your own suitable location. Looking for the best pamper party spa packages or couples spa packages? please contact Eliora or email us at info@spaeliora.co.za.

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